IMG_1087Architechonic Abduction, 2017 (vers)Study for False Movement 3


Egg/Skull Cyanotype

Cyanotype collaboration and egg sculpture 002

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This cyanotype is a collaboration with Eric R. Nelson and myself. Eric made the cyanotype using negatives from the wet plate collodion process that he does; then we drew over it with pen and ink. My Egg/Card sculpture and his skeleton negatives were used to create the image on the cyanotype.


Where have you been?

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I set out four teleportation devices, complete with compass, and an envelope on the back with instructions inside to record where they have been once they have come back and replaced the device where they found it.  All four are gone.  One did come back, but they did not record where they had gone and stole the pen from the envelope.  I replaced the pen and the next day the device was gone and still is.